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Little Changes : ‘Wellness’

Resisting the concept of wellness and all of its marketing, yet feeling like I'm workin' on my wellness at the same time. I'm not a paragon of wellness. I go to bed late sometimes, I'd eat nothing but eggs or cereal or veggie purée for every meal of the day, I don't work out nearly enough… Continue reading Little Changes : ‘Wellness’

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Goals Update, Part 1

I first posted about my goals on February 20th, and I'm checking in with myself about how the last three months have gone. I'm reflecting on my first three goals in this post. I had six goals for the year : Stress less. Sleep more. Use my mornings. Stay on top of my last 5… Continue reading Goals Update, Part 1

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Rising to the Occasion : Thesis Edition

When it comes to challenges, this week is trying to hit it out of the park.  I was very moody last week, despite the wealth of exciting news, social occasions, and good happenings. I’ve thought more about it and that reflection helped me take the weekend to recover some of my wherewithal and drive. On… Continue reading Rising to the Occasion : Thesis Edition


Flower (Moon) of a Different Kind

It's the full moon, today! I had planned the following activities : visit the Jardin des Plantes, bring flowers into the apartment, embroider a flower onto one of my t-shirts, prepare to receive the results of an application on June 6th. The best laid plans of mice and men! I have been working full time in… Continue reading Flower (Moon) of a Different Kind


Quality Over Quantity ?

I'm reflecting on the idea of daily blog posts. In my last post, "Balancing Beauty," I talked about the benefits and detriments of seeking inspiration (or, references for self-comparison). It occurred to me as I was writing, that most of the places I visit for inspiration / entertainment post much less frequently than I do.… Continue reading Quality Over Quantity ?


Values and Visions

I'm reflecting on what is really important to me. As part of my internship, I sit in on career counselling appointments. A question often posted to the clients by my supervisor is, "What are you values?" Such a simple question inspires so much reflection and contemplation in the clients, and the moment that this question is… Continue reading Values and Visions

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Spinning Plates

It's the start of exam week here on the blog. I'm going to be slightly less prolific this week as I direct the bulk of my energy towards passing my exams and turning in term papers. Here is a short list of the things that I'm currently juggling. School - three exams, two paper. My thesis… Continue reading Spinning Plates