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A Tale of Two Sunscreens

Or, the Battle of the French Brands... As I mentioned, my foray into using body+face sunscreen on my face has not been going well. I was mulling either repurchasing a non-oil cleanser, or buying a new facial sunscreen, in the hopes that one of these two issues were causing my closed comedones. That debate was… Continue reading A Tale of Two Sunscreens

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A Long Explanation of Very Short Posts, and my First Missed Post : Part 1

It's been a rough couple of days, and while I technically "posted" on my blog every day, until yesterday. And, to top it off, I haven't really said much of anything. I definitely meant to make another throwaway post yesterday, just to have an X on the calendar, as it were. I got into bed,… Continue reading A Long Explanation of Very Short Posts, and my First Missed Post : Part 1

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Little Changes : ‘Wellness’

Resisting the concept of wellness and all of its marketing, yet feeling like I'm workin' on my wellness at the same time. I'm not a paragon of wellness. I go to bed late sometimes, I'd eat nothing but eggs or cereal or veggie purée for every meal of the day, I don't work out nearly enough… Continue reading Little Changes : ‘Wellness’

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March Madness!

I have a very particular response to stress and anxiety that I’m unpacking these days. Anxiety and high-functioning tendencies go hand in hand for me, but when things get really tough I can find it hard to redirect myself back toward the initially stress-inducing problem at hand. Take my current pre-occupation for ethical, organically produced… Continue reading March Madness!

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Skincare Scrutiny

I ran out of face wash this morning, and it occurred to me that I had no idea what was inside the product I’d been using for the last few months. I use SVR Sebiaclear Micellar Water, which is essentially just a suspension of tiny oils in water. I sent the product name through a… Continue reading Skincare Scrutiny

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My One True Paradise – The Dentist

I adore my dentist - the office was recommended to me by an American friend after I’d visited a French dentist for a cleaning that felt more like a sandblasting. My dentist, to whom I am deeply devoted, is up is the street from Alma-Marceau, conveniently located on both the bus and train lines that… Continue reading My One True Paradise – The Dentist