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Goals Update, Part 1

I first posted about my goals on February 20th, and I'm checking in with myself about how the last three months have gone. I'm reflecting on my first three goals in this post. I had six goals for the year : Stress less. Sleep more. Use my mornings. Stay on top of my last 5… Continue reading Goals Update, Part 1

Life in Paris

A Short List of Friday Joy

I'm still feeling pretty wound up over Sunday, so here is a short list of very good things. The white climbing roses outside our house are blooming, if not necessarily climbing. I've collected 60/400 data points for my thesis in just a few days. E and I watched Moana tonight, and it was such a pure, pure… Continue reading A Short List of Friday Joy

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Questions and Criticisms

Am I being too hard on myself? I think it's largely a rhetorical question but one with merit nonetheless. I'm thinking a lot on the idea of wellness, and all of the tricks/tips/best practices that are swirling around on the Internet these days. One of the tips that I found interesting came via Garance DorĂ©'s… Continue reading Questions and Criticisms