Quality Over Quantity ?

I’m reflecting on the idea of daily blog posts.

In my last post, “Balancing Beauty,” I talked about the benefits and detriments of seeking inspiration (or, references for self-comparison). It occurred to me as I was writing, that most of the places I visit for inspiration / entertainment post much less frequently than I do.

The businesses that run blogs in addition to their online shops tend to post more frequently, but these blogs are run by many staff members. Other blogs do not explicitly sell goods or services, but are generating advertising revenue through views and clicks.

The smaller, more personal blogs tend to post anywhere from three times per week, to just once or twice per week in some cases.

So now I’m asking myself : what is the utility, or disutility, of posting every single day?

I initially set out to post every day as a kind of writing exercise; not everything would be brilliant, but at least I would be reflecting regularly and putting my thoughts into words. By the end of the year, I will have a nice record of many of the things that I worked on and puzzled over.

I also post every day, because frankly, I’m posting for myself. I don’t have advertising sponsors or anyone who really knows about my blog beyond a few family members and two or three friends. I’m not posting in order to teach or inspire change/envy/adoration.

I’ve been pleased by some of the comments that I’ve received about this blog, and I’m glad that a few people in the world have found it helpful. That little bit of value added is important to me, but the value that this blog has added to my own life is considerably higher.

The blog helps me organise my thoughts, both literally and aesthetically. I can write down how I’m feeling or working through an issue, and then organise it in such a way that it is, frankly, more palatable for me. For example, it’s going to be really rough if I have to pay a hundred or so Euros in overage charges on my electricity bill at the end of May.

Is the prospect of reducing my energy consumption now, and trying to limit that impending bill more appealing when filtered through a blog post and a pretty picture?


Do I feel like I’m going to get an ulcer with all of the stress filtering through my life these days? Unfortunately yes, but writing about it on Monday really helped me to take a step back for some extra perspective.

The blog encourages me to go out and actually make the changes in my life that I’ve wanted to make for some time now. Reducing consumption, working to consume fair trade, ethical, and organic goods, I’ve wanted to do all of those things in theory, and the blog gives me a great incentive to put those desires into practice.

I’m considering scaling the posts back to an every-other-day schedule, if only to give myself a little break with the day-to-day demands of writing (despite the fact that this was one of my original goals!)

If you’ve got a preference for the quantity/quality ratio of my blog, let me know what you think in the comments or by getting in touch via the contact page.



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