Life in Paris

Spinning Plates

It’s the start of exam week here on the blog.

I’m going to be slightly less prolific this week as I direct the bulk of my energy towards passing my exams and turning in term papers. Here is a short list of the things that I’m currently juggling.

  1. School – three exams, two paper.
  2. My thesis – technically in school but also such a huge learning experience.
  3. My internship – a first look at life as a French employee
  4. My relationship – well into our second year together, and thinking about adopting a pet!
  5. My family – my father visits at the end of exams and we’re gearing up for a full family visit in August.
  6. My friend family – mostly based in Paris now, with a few very important if also far-flung members, working to nurture our relationships and grow together.
  7. My applications – there’s a lot of exciting stuff going on that isn’t ready for the blog just yet, but I have interviewed for something, so we’ll see.
  8. My volunteering – two big organisations are getting in gear, and I’m just about to work one of our biggest events of the year.
  9. Apartment hunting – we may have to move at the end of the summer, yikes!
  10. My health – why is this at the end of the list? I’ve had a really visceral reaction to stress lately and it’s taking a toll. I’m trying to take better care of myself in this moment of tension.
  11. All of my other goals! 

There’s a lot going on, and I’ve taken a few hits this past week with some dramatic changes – an exam bumped up by 2 weeks, some deliverables that turned out to be a lot more complex than originally forecasted – but I’m trying to keep all these spinning plates in the air, even when it feels like they’re going to come crashing down.


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