Why Point It Out?

On rude behaviour and finally learning my mother's lessons. I generally like talking to people. It takes me a minute to warm up sometimes, but I find that the experience of speaking to other humans is a good one. This morning, I was going about my business at my internship, collecting data, talking with clients. I… Continue reading Why Point It Out?

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Rising to the Occasion : Thesis Edition

When it comes to challenges, this week is trying to hit it out of the park.  I was very moody last week, despite the wealth of exciting news, social occasions, and good happenings. I’ve thought more about it and that reflection helped me take the weekend to recover some of my wherewithal and drive. On… Continue reading Rising to the Occasion : Thesis Edition

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Goals for the Week :

A quick list to keep myself accountable. There is a lot of socialising going on this month, but my thesis is looming and the plates are spinning! My program extended our deadline by four whole days, but I still want to finish ASAP. This week I plan to : Prep for my interview next Monday by writing and… Continue reading Goals for the Week :


Flower (Moon) of a Different Kind

It's the full moon, today! I had planned the following activities : visit the Jardin des Plantes, bring flowers into the apartment, embroider a flower onto one of my t-shirts, prepare to receive the results of an application on June 6th. The best laid plans of mice and men! I have been working full time in… Continue reading Flower (Moon) of a Different Kind

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Purchasing Prep : Shoes and Denim

I double checked my bank statement, and the last time I bought any clothing (some undergarments) was on January 13th. So, it has been just over four months since I bought any clothing at all! That's pretty cool, considering my commitment to ethical consumption. For me, that means consuming much, much less, and when I… Continue reading Purchasing Prep : Shoes and Denim


Science Strikes Again!

I really should have done my homework on this one, y'all... As I mentioned, I recently switched to sulfate-free, organic-ish shampoo. I'm trying to cut petroleum products, like sulfates, out of my body care routines because of their environmental impacts. Simple, right? Not quite... In another post on organic-ish toothpaste, I followed up on my… Continue reading Science Strikes Again!

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I Read : Green, Greener, Greenest

"A Practical Guide to Making Eco-Smart Choices a Part of Your Life" by Lori Bongiorno Bongiorno is a journalist who has written for a number of years on environmental issues. I wanted to read her book because I'm looking for practical applications of environmental awareness, as opposed to just the crushing knowledge that we're doing… Continue reading I Read : Green, Greener, Greenest

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Electricity and LED – The Baseline

A day for the little things. I'm working on cutting our electricity consumption and EDF (Électricité de France) makes it easy to get a grip on how much we currently use. I have a monthly electricity allowance that I pay for, and when we use too much at once the electricity box will flip itself… Continue reading Electricity and LED – The Baseline