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May Budgeting Breakdown

It's June! Guess who forgot to do their May budget summary? As I noted in my April budgeting breakdown, I have €576 in expenses each month. €350 : rent €60 : electricity + housing insurance (40/20) €40 : transport €88 : health insurance €20 : mobile service + data €8 : aesthetic services subscription €10 :… Continue reading May Budgeting Breakdown

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“Free” Entertainment and Inspiration

I wish some of my go-to blogs and websites for entertainment would stop trying to sell me stuff. I know why the links are there, sitting at the bottom of a blog post or article. Even if I hadn't known what they were doing there, phrases like, "Shop this article!" and "Shop her look!" would… Continue reading “Free” Entertainment and Inspiration

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Electricity Victory!

I got my year-end bill from our electricity provider, EDF, and I was shocked. I wrote about our LED adventure two months ago, when we spent €52 on LED bulbs for the apartment. My goal was to reduce our electricity consumption as a matter of environmental responsibility, and to reduce how much money I pay… Continue reading Electricity Victory!


April Budgeting Breakdown :

Please ignore the fact that we are halfway through May! I was working on staying on or under-budget in April, considering that I was making a bit of money from my internship. I added up all my spending, and while it was an abnormal month for a few reasons, the bottom line is that I… Continue reading April Budgeting Breakdown :

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Declaration Day

The tax saga continues. Despite my previous misadventures through the French tax system, things seemed to have worked themselves out. I went down to the tax office for a third time this week in order to officially declare my minuscule revenue to the French government. I needed another form, having managed to mess up which amount… Continue reading Declaration Day

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Tax Trauma – French Edition

In getting ready for my developing visa situation and my application to naturalise, I need to declare my financial situation for 2015, 2016, and later, 2017. This is a really normal thing, and France make it quite easy, but somehow I still wound up falling into an 8 hour confusion spiral. Everything is fine, but… Continue reading Tax Trauma – French Edition

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Denim Dreams

People Tree doesn't carry denim, and I don't know if I can quit my jeans. I'm not exactly cut out for trousers. To begin with an admission of short-and-squat-ness feels like a cop-out, but I look better in jeans than I do in proper pants. As my Zara jeggings near the end of their life,… Continue reading Denim Dreams