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French Elections for the Disenfranchised

It's Sunday, everyone! I, obviously, cannot vote in France. I'm a legal resident, not naturalised, and not a citizen. This is a hugely consequential election for France, and the turnout as of lunchtime are not looking great. While I look forward to voting in the 2022, the extent of my participation this round was to… Continue reading French Elections for the Disenfranchised


PACS Paperwork

Will it ever end? Probably not! I may have mentioned that E and I are getting PACS'd. That means we plan to enter into "un pacte civil de solidarité," which officially does very little other than legally defining our relationship as a household when filing taxes and taking on debt. We couldn't adopt a child… Continue reading PACS Paperwork

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Declaration Day

The tax saga continues. Despite my previous misadventures through the French tax system, things seemed to have worked themselves out. I went down to the tax office for a third time this week in order to officially declare my minuscule revenue to the French government. I needed another form, having managed to mess up which amount… Continue reading Declaration Day

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Tax Trauma – French Edition

In getting ready for my developing visa situation and my application to naturalise, I need to declare my financial situation for 2015, 2016, and later, 2017. This is a really normal thing, and France make it quite easy, but somehow I still wound up falling into an 8 hour confusion spiral. Everything is fine, but… Continue reading Tax Trauma – French Edition

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Meeting of the Minds!

I adore my lawyer and I'm recommending her to everyone. As you may have guessed, I met with my lawyer and had an amazing experience. She works entirely in French, in a small office near one of the train stations. Totally unassuming, with old wood floors and cloth covered couches. E and I went together,… Continue reading Meeting of the Minds!


Immigration Dreaming

Being precise about my particular immigration problem is emotionally overwhelming. My story seems complex, but I'm facing some relatively straightforward legal questions. My current visa can likely be transformed in three different ways, and I’m hoping to hear back from a very wonderful lawyer about which path I must take to achieve my overall goal. Writing… Continue reading Immigration Dreaming

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Bienvenue à Better Beans

This year, I'm growing some better beans. This little alliterative metaphor represents a writing project that will allow me to take stock of my life as I leave graduate school, enter the French job market, and navigate my third (and final?) round of the immigration process in France. Here, you'll find some of the peculiarities of my… Continue reading Bienvenue à Better Beans