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100 Posts In!

I'm running mad trying to finish my thesis THIS WEEK! I tend to resort to a list-post when things get crazy and today is only an exception because I'm writing this post while getting a foot massage from E. Not bad! Here is the brief list of things that must happen or else this week. Collect… Continue reading 100 Posts In!

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Goals Update, Part 2

The second half of a much-needed update to how I think about my yearly goals. Yesterday, I went through the first three of my six goals for the year. Stress less. Sleep more. Use my mornings. Stay on top of my last 5 classes, my thesis, and my internship. Work toward a healthier body. Make… Continue reading Goals Update, Part 2

Goals, Life in Paris, Schedule Series

Goals Update, Part 1

I first posted about my goals on February 20th, and I'm checking in with myself about how the last three months have gone. I'm reflecting on my first three goals in this post. I had six goals for the year : Stress less. Sleep more. Use my mornings. Stay on top of my last 5… Continue reading Goals Update, Part 1

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Knowing Your Audience

I don't know what I thought would happen, but I feel like I should have prepared for this! Last week, I submitted a Money Diary to Refinery29, and promptly forgot about it. I didn't mention it here, and I assumed it wouldn't be published. I enjoyed the exercise of tracking my spending with a narrative, instead… Continue reading Knowing Your Audience

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Electricity Victory!

I got my year-end bill from our electricity provider, EDF, and I was shocked. I wrote about our LED adventure two months ago, when we spent €52 on LED bulbs for the apartment. My goal was to reduce our electricity consumption as a matter of environmental responsibility, and to reduce how much money I pay… Continue reading Electricity Victory!

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Friends Like These

When I posted about my goals for 2017, I didn't include deepening my friendships in the list of my 6 goals for the year, but I really wish that I had. I alluded to my concerns with social media's role in enabling me as a "lazy friend," and talked about wanting to invest more in… Continue reading Friends Like These

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Electricity and LED – The Baseline

A day for the little things. I'm working on cutting our electricity consumption and EDF (Électricité de France) makes it easy to get a grip on how much we currently use. I have a monthly electricity allowance that I pay for, and when we use too much at once the electricity box will flip itself… Continue reading Electricity and LED – The Baseline

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Sustainable Self-Care

I'm thinking about old habits, new ideas, and the economic consequences of both. Having marked two weeks at my internship, I'm bouncing back and forth between school, work, and studying, and I'm feeling how lean my free time has become. I knew this reality would set it, and I've tried to prepare for it accordingly.… Continue reading Sustainable Self-Care