Flower (Moon) of a Different Kind

It’s the full moon, today!

I had planned the following activities : visit the Jardin des Plantes, bring flowers into the apartment, embroider a flower onto one of my t-shirts, prepare to receive the results of an application on June 6th.

The best laid plans of mice and men! I have been working full time in a different neighbourhood than the Jardin des Plantes. I don’t really wear t-shirts so I haven’t selected one to embroider. I am emotionally preparing for the interview and the final admission results, so I’m working on 1/3 things on the list.

I tend to celebrate by eating with friends, and we are going to visit some of E’s cousins tonight. They’ve recently move into an apartment in the neighbourhood next to ours, and we’re getting ready to celebrate their marriage in July!

So how can I incorporate flowers and the concept of blooming, opening, and engaging, into the day? To be honest, I’m writing on my lunch break and feeling pretty tired. Can I commit to blossoming for a few more hours at work? I can certainly try.

Perhaps all of the excitement yesterday wore me out in a deeper way, or perhaps I didn’t sleep well. Feeling tired today is a momentary mindset, and I’m going to take my own wee-woo advice and connect to the moon to power through the rest of my afternoon.

In order to give myself a moment of rest when the week does not feel restful, I’m planning on how to use my Friday. When I checked my schedule, I saw that I had built in a day off. I planned on simply coming into work anyway, but I received a call from our landlord saying that someone needs to check our pipes on Friday. Lucky me! I will be home, and resting (aka inputting data over a huge mug of tea!)

I can visit the florist (after their new shipment tomorrow!), I can do yoga before the plumber arrives, and eat a carefully prepared breakfast. The opportunity to catch up on my data and to get some of my thesis written will be very, very welcome!


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