The Definitive Student Visa Renewal Dossier*

*For my specific préfecture in my specific situation in June/July of 2017. This always bears repeating, but any list of required documents you find on the internet regarding your visa situation even if you find it on the government's website is just a list on the internet. I recommend always, always going in person to your préfecture… Continue reading The Definitive Student Visa Renewal Dossier*


Mornings at the Préfecture 

This is a lot harder to do when I actually have a job. Two years ago, I had time to waste an entire day sitting in various chairs, waiting for the wheels of bureaucracy to turn.  This year, I'm writing this post from outside the préfecture, where I've been waiting for about an hour. Let… Continue reading Mornings at the Préfecture 

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Listening :

Some reflections on language and listening. In thinking about how difficult it can be to speak French, especially in a complex, professional context, I rarely spend enough time thinking about the necessity and utility of listening. As often happens when listening to a French conversation, it is imperative that I am always thinking ahead to… Continue reading Listening :


Values and Visions

I'm reflecting on what is really important to me. As part of my internship, I sit in on career counselling appointments. A question often posted to the clients by my supervisor is, "What are you values?" Such a simple question inspires so much reflection and contemplation in the clients, and the moment that this question is… Continue reading Values and Visions

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My Essentials : A Filofax

“I’m late because of who I am as a person” One of my favourites quotes is also something I’m trying to engineer out of my life. I was scheduled almost down to the minute while living in the US, and especially while balancing school, work, leadership positions and memberships in clubs, volunteering, and friendships. France… Continue reading My Essentials : A Filofax

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Sustainable Self-Care

I'm thinking about old habits, new ideas, and the economic consequences of both. Having marked two weeks at my internship, I'm bouncing back and forth between school, work, and studying, and I'm feeling how lean my free time has become. I knew this reality would set it, and I've tried to prepare for it accordingly.… Continue reading Sustainable Self-Care