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Consistency is Key

And other platitudes that I'm not practicing! I'm hoping to get back on track after three missed posts in one week. I visited the lab again this morning to see if my misadventures in microbiology are finally at their end. In equally exciting news, I defended my thesis yesterday, and I am fairly confident that… Continue reading Consistency is Key

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100 Posts In!

I'm running mad trying to finish my thesis THIS WEEK! I tend to resort to a list-post when things get crazy and today is only an exception because I'm writing this post while getting a foot massage from E. Not bad! Here is the brief list of things that must happen or else this week. Collect… Continue reading 100 Posts In!


Playing the Waiting Game

For neither the first nor the last time! I interviewed on Monday for the graduate program that I hope to begin in September. I happy with how it went, although I definitely saw certain areas of my self-presentation that have room for improvement. The results arrive four days earlier than I had anticipated, and the… Continue reading Playing the Waiting Game

Challenges, Life in Paris

Rising to the Occasion : Thesis Edition

When it comes to challenges, this week is trying to hit it out of the park.  I was very moody last week, despite the wealth of exciting news, social occasions, and good happenings. I’ve thought more about it and that reflection helped me take the weekend to recover some of my wherewithal and drive. On… Continue reading Rising to the Occasion : Thesis Edition

Life in Paris

Goals for the Week :

A quick list to keep myself accountable. There is a lot of socialising going on this month, but my thesis is looming and the plates are spinning! My program extended our deadline by four whole days, but I still want to finish ASAP. This week I plan to : Prep for my interview next Monday by writing and… Continue reading Goals for the Week :


200 Plastic Pens

I'm getting ready to collect data for my thesis, and I've got a box of pens. There are moments of insecurity when it comes to my French language skills, but I've got a major moment of truth coming up. I'll be collecting data for my thesis beginning tomorrow afternoon, and it's been a long time… Continue reading 200 Plastic Pens

Life in Paris

Spinning Plates

It's the start of exam week here on the blog. I'm going to be slightly less prolific this week as I direct the bulk of my energy towards passing my exams and turning in term papers. Here is a short list of the things that I'm currently juggling. School - three exams, two paper. My thesis… Continue reading Spinning Plates