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WOW what an acronym. The follow-up to yesterday's post. As my doctor frowned at the echograph results and my lack of visible appendix, I decided I was done. I asked her if I needed surgery, and she looked at me like I'd grown a second head. It's not uncommon in France, so I re-explained that… Continue reading ALEoVSPaMFMP : Part 2

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A Long Explanation of Very Short Posts, and my First Missed Post : Part 1

It's been a rough couple of days, and while I technically "posted" on my blog every day, until yesterday. And, to top it off, I haven't really said much of anything. I definitely meant to make another throwaway post yesterday, just to have an X on the calendar, as it were. I got into bed,… Continue reading A Long Explanation of Very Short Posts, and my First Missed Post : Part 1

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Little Changes : ‘Wellness’

Resisting the concept of wellness and all of its marketing, yet feeling like I'm workin' on my wellness at the same time. I'm not a paragon of wellness. I go to bed late sometimes, I'd eat nothing but eggs or cereal or veggie purée for every meal of the day, I don't work out nearly enough… Continue reading Little Changes : ‘Wellness’


Holding On

I checked my social media outlets, my texts, my messages, and everywhere is awash in bad news. The French debates were awful and people feel doomed, the American government is moving forward on destroying access to healthcare for millions upon millions of people. I meet at least a handful of people every day who say… Continue reading Holding On