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100 Posts In!

I’m running mad trying to finish my thesis THIS WEEK!

I tend to resort to a list-post when things get crazy and today is only an exception because I’m writing this post while getting a foot massage from E. Not bad!

Here is the brief list of things that must happen or else this week.

  1. Collect 30 more observations for my thesis. This is like the gift that keeps on giving no matter how many times you try to get rid of it! I am cleaning the data I already have, and need to drop a bunch of incomplete observations, hence the need for replacement.
  2. Figure out when my French library books are due, simply because I’m fairly sure they were due on Saturday
  3. Help host an event on Friday.
  4. Fix a stylistic error in my references…
  5. Flesh out the outline for my thesis and mail the draft by Thursday.
  6. Deep breathe and check my admission results on Friday.
  7. Possibly purchase facial sunscreen and moisturiser? I’m out of both (!) and I used the body sunscreen on my face today… Not smart, according to the two zits that developed by the afternoon.
  8. Send some reimbursement checks from a volunteer account.
  9. Pick up my restaurant tickets, because as I finished my first packet today, it occurred to me that I never picked up the packet for May…
  10. Get ready to pick up a friend coming in on Sunday!
  11. Consider replacing my canister of green tea, as I made the second-to-last pot tonight and it’s my go-to when I’m up all night (writing my thesis, for example…)
  12. Write a proposal for a workshop that I’m running in July.

My thesis is due in a week and I am ready to join Jade and Keia’s #TeamTypingFast to make it through! I never thought I’d say it, but I am so grateful that E has to go to bed so early for work because unlike last year, I’m staying on a solid sleep schedule while also racing to the finish line!


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