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Ikea and the Ethics of Consumption

What's a girl to do? Today on, "Buy Nothing or Buy Better" aka my constant struggle, I'm trying to figure out what it means to buy some stuff from Ikea and whether or not it's ethically sound. After a bit of digging and quite a few puff pieces from the "2016 highlights" section of Ikea's… Continue reading Ikea and the Ethics of Consumption

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Consistency is Key

And other platitudes that I'm not practicing! I'm hoping to get back on track after three missed posts in one week. I visited the lab again this morning to see if my misadventures in microbiology are finally at their end. In equally exciting news, I defended my thesis yesterday, and I am fairly confident that… Continue reading Consistency is Key

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Goals Update, Part 2

The second half of a much-needed update to how I think about my yearly goals. Yesterday, I went through the first three of my six goals for the year. Stress less. Sleep more. Use my mornings. Stay on top of my last 5 classes, my thesis, and my internship. Work toward a healthier body. Make… Continue reading Goals Update, Part 2

Life in Paris

Do Not PACS Go

Bureaucracy strikes... differently? Exciting news, I suppose : we went down to the tribunal to file for our PACS. There might be a problem with my birth certificate, but we wanted to try anyway. Worst case scenario, we would have to wait a bit longer, and I would have to shell out for a new… Continue reading Do Not PACS Go


Pink Mooning

I hit the re-set button on Tuesday and spent some time appreciating my loved ones. I really like the feeling of having a "New Years Eve" feeling in the middle of the month, although it does feel like things are moving a lot more quickly. The sense of urgency and momentum is nice, but I… Continue reading Pink Mooning

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Overwatering : A Metaphor

My plants have finally stopped dying. This seems to run in my family; a group of gifted outdoor gardeners (my mother has been working toward a Master Gardener qualification), who can't keep anything alive once it comes indoors. The notorious exception is a cactus that has been in the family for two decades. I love… Continue reading Overwatering : A Metaphor


I Tried : Organic-ish Toothpaste

My first mistake was going to the co-op when I hadn't done my research. Earlier that day, I squeezed the last of our Aquafresh out of the tube and I knew that I couldn't come home without a new tube of something. But what? I did some cursory research on my lunch break: why does… Continue reading I Tried : Organic-ish Toothpaste

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Dreams Come True!

I've put in a request for a lombricomposteur! When I moved to France, an immediate difference between my life in Paris and my life in the US was the lack of composting. I was fortunate enough to live in cities that had great composting programs. Even my university welcomed us to our dorm rooms with… Continue reading Dreams Come True!