Immigration Insanity

It's that time of year! I recently created a shared calendar for our household, and there are three upcoming meetings at the Préfecture scheduled for this week. By meetings, I naturally mean, "ARRIVE AT 7AM TO WAIT IN LINE UNTIL 9 IF YOU WANT TO HAVE ANY HOPE OF GETING TO WORK ON TIME!" I'm… Continue reading Immigration Insanity

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Of Dryer Buttons and Eyebrow Pencil :

I had quite the Monday when it came to things breaking on me! A few weeks ago, back in the first weekend of May, I went to the large Auchan near my neighbourhood to replace my eyebrow gel. I still use the brand 'essence' because the organic alternatives I've tried to find in Paris all… Continue reading Of Dryer Buttons and Eyebrow Pencil :


April Budgeting Breakdown :

Please ignore the fact that we are halfway through May! I was working on staying on or under-budget in April, considering that I was making a bit of money from my internship. I added up all my spending, and while it was an abnormal month for a few reasons, the bottom line is that I… Continue reading April Budgeting Breakdown :

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Noticing “Needs”

I’m out of my face wash, and getting philosophical about it. When it comes to the things I think I “need,” I like to imagine that I’ve cut a lot of things out of my life. Rather than throwing my stuff away, I’m using it up; wearing clothes until they are irreparable, as opposed to getting rid… Continue reading Noticing “Needs”

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Purchasing Prep : Shoes and Denim

I double checked my bank statement, and the last time I bought any clothing (some undergarments) was on January 13th. So, it has been just over four months since I bought any clothing at all! That's pretty cool, considering my commitment to ethical consumption. For me, that means consuming much, much less, and when I… Continue reading Purchasing Prep : Shoes and Denim

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Minimalism : Proceed with Caution

Does opposing consumerism mean embracing minimalism?   I read an article published in The Guardian about minimalism as another form of conspicuous (non)consumption. The author argues that the "pared down" aesthetic, from clothing, to food, to decor, are not only boring, they're classist. Minimalism as a lifestyle is a way to unlock the 'good parts' of… Continue reading Minimalism : Proceed with Caution

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Other What?

In my post on our electricity consumption and the great LED switch of 2017, I mentioned that we spend quite a lot of energy (and money) on a mysterious “other” category. But what exactly is “other”? Good question. EDF's "other" category seems to tabulate electricity used by anything that is plugged into a socket that is… Continue reading Other What?

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I Read : Green, Greener, Greenest

"A Practical Guide to Making Eco-Smart Choices a Part of Your Life" by Lori Bongiorno Bongiorno is a journalist who has written for a number of years on environmental issues. I wanted to read her book because I'm looking for practical applications of environmental awareness, as opposed to just the crushing knowledge that we're doing… Continue reading I Read : Green, Greener, Greenest