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Insights on the Eve of a Conference

Last night was the hottest night in Paris since 1872! Shipping items to the grocery store should not be easier than shipping them to my house, and yet... I picked up a package today that is very exciting! I got a letter yesterday from my college roommate, and she inspires me to write to her… Continue reading Insights on the Eve of a Conference

Life in Paris, Reflection

Consistency is Key

And other platitudes that I'm not practicing! I'm hoping to get back on track after three missed posts in one week. I visited the lab again this morning to see if my misadventures in microbiology are finally at their end. In equally exciting news, I defended my thesis yesterday, and I am fairly confident that… Continue reading Consistency is Key

Life in Paris

Goals for the Week :

A quick list to keep myself accountable. There is a lot of socialising going on this month, but my thesis is looming and the plates are spinning! My program extended our deadline by four whole days, but I still want to finish ASAP. This week I plan to : Prep for my interview next Monday by writing and… Continue reading Goals for the Week :


Just 10%

It's one of those days. We had an amazing night with E's cousins, but I definitely didn't plan very well for it. I was exhausted when I woke up this morning, and I was up earlier than normal because I had to wash my hair. Cut to dashing out of the house barely on time,… Continue reading Just 10%

Life in Paris

Interviewing Your Dream

The dizzying want! I've alluded to it, I've mentioned it, I'm announcing it : I got an interview for an incredible graduate program. Yes, another. A program I would never have dreamed of two years ago, that now is a remarkably perfect fit for my personal and professional plans. It provides both theoretical and concrete… Continue reading Interviewing Your Dream

Life in Paris

Vive La France : The Next 5 Years

I am overjoyed by the results of the presidential election, and thinking into the future accordingly! My phone lit up like a candle at 8pm, when the results were officially announced. I could hardly believe it. I felt a deep, physical relief. I had invited friends of a dinner party, and we'd been enjoying ourselves before,… Continue reading Vive La France : The Next 5 Years

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A Storm Moon Update

Happy full moon! My post on the Pink Moon will be up by tomorrow, but here's a recap of how my activities from last month have developed. My plan to give myself a mini-New Years boost with every full moon is going well so far. Last month, I marked the Storm Moon by planting some seeds,… Continue reading A Storm Moon Update

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Routine Rundown

I'm thinking about how quickly I used to get out the door in high school. On mornings when I didn't wash my hair, I could go from sleeping to riding in the car on the way to the Park and Ride in just 17 minutes. As my parents can attest, I didn't always get out… Continue reading Routine Rundown