Life in Paris

Sunday Strikes

Here's how the weekend went! Go on a run – be careful on the concrete for my poor knees! I took what amounted to a very long walk with some running on the grass in the park. I really need to get my act together when it comes to making time for swimming and yoga,… Continue reading Sunday Strikes


Buying Boring

Are minimalism and simplicity the emotional equivalents of beige? This post is purely my own rumination. Everyone should dress and decorate however they like, and there's really no room or reason to judge someone for their aesthetic choices. Who has the time? I have nothing against minimalism or simplicity. As I've written, I'm skeptical, but still, we're… Continue reading Buying Boring

Life in Paris

A Short List of Beautiful Things

I saw some great stuff this week. A woman in the market with a trolley full of lilies and ranunculus. A man, maybe a few years younger than me, walking up to the door of an apartment, combing his fingers through his hair, taking two puffs of his inhaler, and squaring his shoulders before ringing the… Continue reading A Short List of Beautiful Things