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Rose Moon : June 9th

I had planned to visit the Jardin de Bagatelle, plan for the future, trim my hair, and dust off my suit! Here's what actually happened. I have to say that I didn't take a minute to remember the moon on Friday. I was recovering from both my food poisoning/stomach drama while going through the revolving… Continue reading Rose Moon : June 9th

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Questions and Criticisms

Am I being too hard on myself? I think it's largely a rhetorical question but one with merit nonetheless. I'm thinking a lot on the idea of wellness, and all of the tricks/tips/best practices that are swirling around on the Internet these days. One of the tips that I found interesting came via Garance Doré's… Continue reading Questions and Criticisms


Pink Mooning

I hit the re-set button on Tuesday and spent some time appreciating my loved ones. I really like the feeling of having a "New Years Eve" feeling in the middle of the month, although it does feel like things are moving a lot more quickly. The sense of urgency and momentum is nice, but I… Continue reading Pink Mooning

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A Storm Moon Update

Happy full moon! My post on the Pink Moon will be up by tomorrow, but here's a recap of how my activities from last month have developed. My plan to give myself a mini-New Years boost with every full moon is going well so far. Last month, I marked the Storm Moon by planting some seeds,… Continue reading A Storm Moon Update

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Pink Moon Planning

I plan to mark the Pink Moon on April 11th by doing something extra loving for E. As part of my Time Perspectives project, I'm planning out how to celebrate the full moons this year. When I originally wrote the post, I said that I wanted to do something extra intentional or loving for my… Continue reading Pink Moon Planning

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Worm Moon/Storm Moon

I'm building in mini-NEW YEAR NEW ME moments into the year. In the interest of full disclosure: I'm going full wee-woo on this post. As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm doing this by observing the full moons at least up through August. I want to see how preparing for a transitional moment and living in… Continue reading Worm Moon/Storm Moon

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Time Perspectives : Moon Cycles

I'm trying a new thing and feeling a little wee-woo about it, but here we go!  One of the things we talk about in psychology, and by we I mean Philip Zimbardo, is time, and the way that we perceive time. There are 6 main ways of thinking about time: Past-focused, positive (you remember the… Continue reading Time Perspectives : Moon Cycles

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Consumerism in the Void

Or, why the economics and psychology behind consumerism will suck you into the abyss, because that's how it's supposed to work. After that cheery introduction, let's get started on the very basics of why we spend incredible amounts of money on clothing, accessories, home goods, etc. that are made with often toxic materials at the… Continue reading Consumerism in the Void