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Essence Update : A Package!

The end of what has been one of my easiest interactions with customer service. For reference, I bought a broken eyebrow powder from essence makeup, and emailed their customer service about it. They responded by saying that they were sorry about the quality control issue, and asked for my address so that they could send me a package.… Continue reading Essence Update : A Package!

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Finding Abundance : Summer Clothing

The temperatures have skyrocketed and I felt like I had nothing to wear... When I started the Finding Abundance mini series, I thought that I would make one, maybe two postings about clothing; day-to-day clothing, and dress clothes. WRONG.  As I began to pull out all of my clothes, I realised that even though I've… Continue reading Finding Abundance : Summer Clothing


Science Strikes Again!

I really should have done my homework on this one, y'all... As I mentioned, I recently switched to sulfate-free, organic-ish shampoo. I'm trying to cut petroleum products, like sulfates, out of my body care routines because of their environmental impacts. Simple, right? Not quite... In another post on organic-ish toothpaste, I followed up on my… Continue reading Science Strikes Again!