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Purchasing Prep : Shoes and Denim

I double checked my bank statement, and the last time I bought any clothing (some undergarments) was on January 13th. So, it has been just over four months since I bought any clothing at all! That's pretty cool, considering my commitment to ethical consumption. For me, that means consuming much, much less, and when I… Continue reading Purchasing Prep : Shoes and Denim

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Denim Dreams

People Tree doesn't carry denim, and I don't know if I can quit my jeans. I'm not exactly cut out for trousers. To begin with an admission of short-and-squat-ness feels like a cop-out, but I look better in jeans than I do in proper pants. As my Zara jeggings near the end of their life,… Continue reading Denim Dreams

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Friction : My Constant Foe

I went through an astonishing amount of cheap denim in a year. Last year alone, I wore out 4 pairs of jeans, and one is so close to death-by-thigh-holes that I only wear them while cleaning the apartment. I’m afraid of investing in expensive, allegedly higher quality, more ethically produced denim because of the likelihood… Continue reading Friction : My Constant Foe