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The Ordinary Product Review:

Two serums and two face oils for under 30€. The Ordinary is cheap, cruelty-free, and produced in Canada, but how well do the products actually perform? I'm a picky skincare consumer. I don't love gimmicks, and I'm trying to purchase products that are ethically produced. As a result, I pledged to myself that I would… Continue reading The Ordinary Product Review:

Life in Paris

A Short List of Friday Joy

I'm still feeling pretty wound up over Sunday, so here is a short list of very good things. The white climbing roses outside our house are blooming, if not necessarily climbing. I've collected 60/400 data points for my thesis in just a few days. E and I watched Moana tonight, and it was such a pure, pure… Continue reading A Short List of Friday Joy

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Yearly Use-Up

I've got a product hit-list that I'm working through. In searching for organic skincare and makeup, I've come across a lot of blog posts and YouTube videos about the anti-haul, i.e. things that people are not buying, as opposed to what they have bought. My favourite of these bloggers is Renee over at Bad Outfit, Good… Continue reading Yearly Use-Up