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Ikea and the Ethics of Consumption

What's a girl to do? Today on, "Buy Nothing or Buy Better" aka my constant struggle, I'm trying to figure out what it means to buy some stuff from Ikea and whether or not it's ethically sound. After a bit of digging and quite a few puff pieces from the "2016 highlights" section of Ikea's… Continue reading Ikea and the Ethics of Consumption

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Low-Waste, Fair Trade, or Organic

I went tea-shopping, y'all. I've been drinking tea that was a gift from E's mom for several months. Part of my "stress less" evening routine is a pot of green tea, and I've finished all of the sachets of green tea, green tea with mint, and even the green tea with lemon (not my favourite).… Continue reading Low-Waste, Fair Trade, or Organic