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Ikea and the Ethics of Consumption

What's a girl to do? Today on, "Buy Nothing or Buy Better" aka my constant struggle, I'm trying to figure out what it means to buy some stuff from Ikea and whether or not it's ethically sound. After a bit of digging and quite a few puff pieces from the "2016 highlights" section of Ikea's… Continue reading Ikea and the Ethics of Consumption

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Yearly Use-Up

I've got a product hit-list that I'm working through. In searching for organic skincare and makeup, I've come across a lot of blog posts and YouTube videos about the anti-haul, i.e. things that people are not buying, as opposed to what they have bought. My favourite of these bloggers is Renee over at Bad Outfit, Good… Continue reading Yearly Use-Up

Consumption, Ethical Choices

Purchasing Prep : Shoes and Denim

I double checked my bank statement, and the last time I bought any clothing (some undergarments) was on January 13th. So, it has been just over four months since I bought any clothing at all! That's pretty cool, considering my commitment to ethical consumption. For me, that means consuming much, much less, and when I… Continue reading Purchasing Prep : Shoes and Denim

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Dreams Come True!

I've put in a request for a lombricomposteur! When I moved to France, an immediate difference between my life in Paris and my life in the US was the lack of composting. I was fortunate enough to live in cities that had great composting programs. Even my university welcomed us to our dorm rooms with… Continue reading Dreams Come True!

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March Madness!

I have a very particular response to stress and anxiety that I’m unpacking these days. Anxiety and high-functioning tendencies go hand in hand for me, but when things get really tough I can find it hard to redirect myself back toward the initially stress-inducing problem at hand. Take my current pre-occupation for ethical, organically produced… Continue reading March Madness!

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Low-Waste, Fair Trade, or Organic

I went tea-shopping, y'all. I've been drinking tea that was a gift from E's mom for several months. Part of my "stress less" evening routine is a pot of green tea, and I've finished all of the sachets of green tea, green tea with mint, and even the green tea with lemon (not my favourite).… Continue reading Low-Waste, Fair Trade, or Organic