Life in Paris, Reflection

Consistency is Key

And other platitudes that I'm not practicing! I'm hoping to get back on track after three missed posts in one week. I visited the lab again this morning to see if my misadventures in microbiology are finally at their end. In equally exciting news, I defended my thesis yesterday, and I am fairly confident that… Continue reading Consistency is Key


Buying Boring

Are minimalism and simplicity the emotional equivalents of beige? This post is purely my own rumination. Everyone should dress and decorate however they like, and there's really no room or reason to judge someone for their aesthetic choices. Who has the time? I have nothing against minimalism or simplicity. As I've written, I'm skeptical, but still, we're… Continue reading Buying Boring


Balancing Beauty

I'm taking a look at the gap between inspiration and comparison. In thinking about the way I consume social media, I figured that I probably spend 6 hours a day (not at once!) listening to podcasts about different lifestyles, refreshing Twitter, scrolling through Instagram, or checking up on people with Snapchat. I deactivated my Facebook on… Continue reading Balancing Beauty