Reflection, Relationships

Questions and Criticisms

Am I being too hard on myself? I think it's largely a rhetorical question but one with merit nonetheless. I'm thinking a lot on the idea of wellness, and all of the tricks/tips/best practices that are swirling around on the Internet these days. One of the tips that I found interesting came via Garance DorĂ©'s… Continue reading Questions and Criticisms


Pink Mooning

I hit the re-set button on Tuesday and spent some time appreciating my loved ones. I really like the feeling of having a "New Years Eve" feeling in the middle of the month, although it does feel like things are moving a lot more quickly. The sense of urgency and momentum is nice, but I… Continue reading Pink Mooning


Balancing Beauty

I'm taking a look at the gap between inspiration and comparison. In thinking about the way I consume social media, I figured that I probably spend 6 hours a day (not at once!) listening to podcasts about different lifestyles, refreshing Twitter, scrolling through Instagram, or checking up on people with Snapchat. I deactivated my Facebook on… Continue reading Balancing Beauty

Life in Paris

A Short List of Beautiful Things

I saw some great stuff this week. A woman in the market with a trolley full of lilies and ranunculus. A man, maybe a few years younger than me, walking up to the door of an apartment, combing his fingers through his hair, taking two puffs of his inhaler, and squaring his shoulders before ringing the… Continue reading A Short List of Beautiful Things