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Deep Cleaning Days

It's been almost 3 weeks since I've woken up next to E, and I'm taking my feelings out on our kitchen! I understand the busy season; my academic work, my visa work, and E's events all combine into a perfect storm. We've barely seen each other these last three weeks, and it will be another… Continue reading Deep Cleaning Days

Challenges, Consumption

Of Dryer Buttons and Eyebrow Pencil :

I had quite the Monday when it came to things breaking on me! A few weeks ago, back in the first weekend of May, I went to the large Auchan near my neighbourhood to replace my eyebrow gel. I still use the brand 'essence' because the organic alternatives I've tried to find in Paris all… Continue reading Of Dryer Buttons and Eyebrow Pencil :

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Overwatering : A Metaphor

My plants have finally stopped dying. This seems to run in my family; a group of gifted outdoor gardeners (my mother has been working toward a Master Gardener qualification), who can't keep anything alive once it comes indoors. The notorious exception is a cactus that has been in the family for two decades. I love… Continue reading Overwatering : A Metaphor