Life in Paris

Deadlines and Growth

Nobody seems to be hitting the mark these days!

The last three days have been a whirlwind of cancelled plans, hitting work deadlines, raising the bar and falling flat, all at the same time! If I’d realised that my Monday, as crazy as it was, would be the calmest day of my week, I would have made sure to go to bed early!

On Tuesday, we had some friends over for a goodbye party. They’re installed up in London and we have an open invitation to go up and stay in their gorgeous apartment. I cannot believe how easy it is to miss them already.

There is, however, very little time for any active missing or mourning, at least while I’m at work. We’re careening toward a strategic partnership meeting next week, and I’ve been writing/re-writing a bunch of my research results into smaller portions for our pitch. My boss called my French a lot of things on Monday, and he was smiling while he did it, but it totally shot my confidence. After all this time and work on my spoken French, and after all the work that I put in with grammar checkers, dictionaries, and French proofreaders, I’m still fairly certain none of my actual writing is going to make it into the pitch. That stings more than I thought it would and I also have to get over it and keep working on the materials I’m developing for my atelier.

I’ve been swimming in coffee, meeting up with folks after work, sending resumes and follow-up emails because if you can believe it, I’m still waiting on a decision for September. A handful of people have already come out of the woodwork with interesting options for the fall, but I can’t commit to anything yet! It’s unbelievably frustrating!

I’m trying to make sure I’m learning every day, even when I want to shred my French dictionary into tiny, tiny pieces of confetti. I’m practicing some HTML and a bunch of different programs in Adobe while trying to get the workshop materials totally right. I feel like a joke, “GRAPHIC DESIGN IS MY PASSION!” but I want to be proud of what I produce at the end of the day.

I don’t think I’ll be ready to give in a draft by tomorrow afternoon, but I can’t work on anything over the weekend because we’re out of town for a wedding.

All in all there is nothing exciting or structured to report over here. My brain is coming out of my ears in two different languages, pray for me!


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