Challenges, Reflection

Delay Delights!

My train out of Paris was delayed for an hour, and it was great.

I don’t love to waste time. There’s a lot to be done and not always enough time to do it. That said, I’m trying to take my happiness very seriously this summer. Instead of feeling some kind of angst or dismay because of the delayed train, I tried a new strategy.

Although I had packed a few apples for the road, once the delay reached 25 minutes, I got up from the floor where I had been sitting with dozens of other travelers, and went to a different hall of the train station in search of breakfast.

That hall was much less busy, and I was able to buy myself a croissant and sit in an actual chair. It reminded me of two summers ago, when I was in that very hall with my mom, waiting to leave for Milan!

When the train finally did arrive, I simply let my colleague know I would be an hour or so behind. Simple, no fuss, no angst.

I came to find out that I’m entitled to a reimbursement due to the delay, as long as I file within 45 days.

I’ve had an amazingly calm afternoon in Grenoble, with a beautiful dinner to round out the evening. I have a half dozen friends who studied in Grenoble several years ago, and I’ve been sending them pictures all day. While tomorrow will certainly be more work and less play, I’m more relaxed and prepared to face a challenge than I’ve felt in a long while!


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