Life in Paris, Reflection

Insights on the Eve of a Conference

Last night was the hottest night in Paris since 1872!

Shipping items to the grocery store should not be easier than shipping them to my house, and yet… I picked up a package today that is very exciting!

I got a letter yesterday from my college roommate, and she inspires me to write to her for so many reasons. One, because she sends each letter in themed envelopes with matching stationary. Two, she has the most intense way of writing that makes me literally gasp. I’m finishing a letter to her tomorrow on the train.

I’m going to Grenoble for the weekend, which is a terrible choice because it’s somehow hotter there than it is in Paris, but here we are. I’m excited to try a little more short-term traveling and cross another city off my list!

I’ve felt very torn when it comes to my motivation this week. I’m wondering if talking it out would help; I was on the phone with a friend tonight and it really helped articulate some of the feelings of confusion that have been swirling.

I applied for a job today, but I am still waiting on the decision regarding a potential second graduate program. The uncertainty bothers me less and less everyday, and I never thought this feeling would actually be exciting, but it is.

My former boss is apparently recommending me for a position tomorrow. I caught up with them early this afternoon and they explained what the position would entail and why they were recommending me in a way that was so earnest, I barely knew what to say. It’s an honor to have people who think well of you, I believe, and it’s doubly incredible when they have those moments of clear, insightful discussion with you.

I’m apprehensive for this weekend, although I’m approaching it with an open mind. I’m trying to be generous of spirit with whatever comes my way.

As a note, I will try to post as usual this weekend, but if I’m not able, then I will post again on Monday.


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