Life in Paris

99 Degree Days

It’s nearly too hot to lift a finger, yet I’ve had a very good day.

A few bullet points, if you’ll take pity on me while I melt over my keyboard!

  • I drafted a major portion of the workshop I’m hosting in July
  • I had lunch with a coworker from another department and she is so cool! We’ve only been able to visit once or twice, but we’ve planned to eat together almost every day until the end of our internships.
  • I spoke on the phone with one of my best friends on earth from 4pm to 7:30pm and my heart is so lifted by her!
  • I walked 25,000 steps because I was on the phone and didn’t want to get stuck in the overwhelmingly warm train/bus. It was hot, even in the shade, but I kept moving and found some lovely breezes.
  • I had an amazing cool-tub at the house with E, eating almond biscuits and talking over some very exciting future opportunities.
  • I listened to a band playing on top of a double decker bus for Fete de la Musique!
  • I learned half a dozen new ways to complain about the INCREDIBLE heat that is gripping France.

A good day, a warm day, and with after-work milkshakes planned with some friends, tomorrow is shaping up to be lovely, too!


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