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May Budgeting Breakdown

It’s June! Guess who forgot to do their May budget summary?

As I noted in my April budgeting breakdown, I have €576 in expenses each month.

€350 : rent
€60 : electricity + housing insurance (40/20)
€40 : transport
€88 : health insurance
€20 : mobile service + data
€8 : aesthetic services subscription
€10 : Spotify subscription

My spending has been transformed by my restaurant tickets, considering that much of my socialising takes place at cafes, friends apartments, or restaurants.

I bought €168 of grocery food, €69 of my money and €99 in restaurant tickets. Additionally, I spent €20 on a birthday meal for a friend, and another €17 on a going-away dinner. There’s a “snack” section on my Linxo app, which reminded me that I bought €3 coffee for a friend while I was helping her prep for an English exam.

A €7 shipping charge for a birthday gift and €4 charge to maintain my bank account are counted as ‘services’ by Linxo, but shipping is obviously not a regular expense.

I mentioned buying some disappointing eye-makeup at the very beginning of May, and that purchase plus using my aesthetic service subscription ran me €24.

So, the damage for May? €819 euro, or €731 if you remove the amount for the restaurant tickets. I broke even in May!! I’m not sure how I’ll do in June, considering I’ve had a lot of health expenses this month. I was hyperaware of my overspending in April, and also deeply focused on collecting data at work, so it’s not as though I had a ton of free time to wander around and buy things I didn’t need.

Food spending remains my biggest budget category after rent, and I keep telling myself that I could begin saving on my internship pay if I just cut down that category. The truth is that I genuinely don’t want to cut anything more from my budget.

The food spending represents time spent with friends, time invested in good food with E, and I just don’t have the energy to cut into my social joy for the sake of saving €69 a month. I assume I will feel differently in July once E is no longer working and my internship is ending, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

When E and I are talking about the future, it’s clear that we have no idea how our financial stability is going to look in even a few months. Will I have a job? Will he be in school? We are taking a hard look at how we spend as a household in the event that we will have to batten down the hatches, as it were. He keeps trying to reassure me that we won’t starve and that we’ll have enough money to do things like go to the dentist, or what have you, but I’m not actually worried.

It hasn’t been painful to essentially stop a lot of the spending that I used to view as essential. The way I entertain myself is certainly different; I’m more likely to meet friends for a picnic in the park than at a bar, and more likely to swap clothes than buy new ones, but that’s a good thing.

I’ll try to get my June update on the blog before the first week of July is out. I’m already bracing myself for the argument with my healthcare provider over getting some of my reimbursements back, and somehow an upcoming blog post is actually motivating me to get on it! I might be inclined to leave a little money on the table if the fight for it seems extra obnoxious, but you won’t catch me out here next month with something like, “yeah, I could have had €40 back from my insurance but I just didn’t try hard enough…”



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