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Deep Cleaning Days

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve woken up next to E, and I’m taking my feelings out on our kitchen!

I understand the busy season; my academic work, my visa work, and E’s events all combine into a perfect storm. We’ve barely seen each other these last three weeks, and it will be another week at least before things calm down.

In the mean time, I’ve been recovering from being wicked sick, and finishing all of my various academic commitments. Only in the last few days have I turned my attention back to the apartment, and realised that we were living like utter gremlins!

Undeterred, and frankly uninterested in being concerned about it, I got to work on a list earlier this week of all of the things that needed doing around the house. At the beginning of the year I had made an even larger list of “General Home Improvement Goals,” so I cross-referenced them this weekend and got to work.

My kitchen was my main source of concern because, again, I was fairly sure something in the sink was developing high culture. I joked with my sister that I was doing a “mom clean” but genuinely, that’s what I did. It took me two days, but I:

  • Washed every single dish in the house, including some of the tupperware that had been put away and was gathering dust.
  • Washed the walls to get rid of the gunk behind the trash (UGH) and the stove. We *really* need a backsplash!
  • Vacuumed underneath all of the counters and carts.
  • Washed the front/doors of my fridge, washer, and cabinets.
  • Cleaned the sink with a cleaning product, discarded much of the detritus that had gathered around the sink, and reorganised the other non-essential items.
  • Cleaned the dish rack and water tray.
  • Cleaned the stand mixer and moved it from the side of the sink to the dish rack’s spot; the dish rack now lives on the side of the sink!
  • Cleaned the marble cheese board that my sister gave me for Christmas.
  • Wiped down all of the counters and reorganised the bottles of cooking oil on the counter.
  • Reorganised the spice drawers and took note of the extra spices we have; truly inexplicable amounts of paprika.
  • Washed the pot rack next to the stove and the matching stainless steel container that had just been sitting near the sink.
  • Reorganised one of the dish cabinets and all manner of blender materials.


I say all that to say that my kitchen looks beautiful. I finished around 4:30 in the afternoon, and turned my attention to our bedroom. We are still dealing with a silverfish issue, much to my horror and chagrin. I hate bugs that eat your things. Moths, silverfish, termites, no thanks. I can live with spiders for years, but silverfish have GOT TO GO.

I moved our bed, shelves, and side-tables to wipe and vacuum the floors. It was disgusting and I killed several bugs. I’m hoping that I got all of the eggs, but I will likely do another deep vacuum next week just to be sure.

A load of laundry, plus clean sheets, and bam! The bedroom looks beautiful and fresh.

Finally, I vacuum sealed our winter clothes and E’s old uniforms. It’d been on my list since I thought about getting my summer wardrobe together, and I’m glad to have finally finished it. I’ve still not organised a proper capsule wardrobe for the summer, but as I’ve mentioned so many times, it’s not like I own a ton of clothing anymore…

I’ve got a hugely busy week coming up, including another trip to the American embassy, and it feels so good to know that I’m coming home to a gorgeous, clean kitchen, and a light, airy bedroom!


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