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Yearly Use-Up : Skincare Check-In

That’s a lot of hyphens for one title. Here’s how my skin has reacted to my anti-consumption commitment.

I still need to write my May body care post (tomorrow, perhaps?) but my skincare use-up is moving right along.

I am down to the last moisturiser in the house, if you don’t count coconut oil and sweet almond oil. I ran out of my eye cream and have replaced it with a drop or two of sweet almond oil, but I’m very hesitant to switch to oil as a moisturiser for two main reasons.

First, I’m a true grease-ball. I’m working on repairing my moisture barrier over the summer and while I need a longer post to do that subject justice, the basic concept is that my oily forehead/dry cheeks/sensitive skin may not be as natural as I thought. It’s entirely likely that damaged my moisture barrier with the slurry of products that I applied to my face in 2014. As I’ve discussed, my skin bounced back in France, but I’m evaluating my routine for any moisture-killers. In the mean time, I’m still so greasy that I don’t know if I can commit to so much topical oil without the proper research.

Second, I’ve been noticing a lot of closed comedones rising to the surface of my skin. I’ve identified two possible culprits: my terrible sunscreen choices, and the oils. I’m not convinced that the oils are at fault, because when I visited my dermatologist after a sunscreen-slathered summer in 2015, she went to town with extracting all of the gunk that had built up under my skin.

The problem is clear: my pores are clogged, and it’s not too noticeable yet, but I feel like I’m heading toward a truly visible breakout.

The culprit is probably my poor choice of sunscreen. I ran out of my usual facial sunscreen in May, and have been using body sunscreen on my face since then. Believe me, I know how that sounds, but I ran out just as my thesis work intensified, and then I got sick, and then a friend came to town. I’ve had no time to complete my research for a replacement sunscreen, and even less time to actually go out and buy it. I may be anti-consumption but I’m also anti-skin cancer, so I’ve  just been wearing the other stuff…

I’m prepared to take a few skincare steps to solve this problem. The way I see it, I can design my experiment in two ways.

Either I buy a micellar water cleanser to deal with removing the body sunscreen completely, and keep using the body sunscreen on my face, or I buy a facial sunscreen and keep using oil to remove it at night.

Unfortunately, the second design has too many variables. The new facial sunscreen could make me break out, but it may be hard to tell if the break out was caused by the oil or the sunscreen, especially if the oil is already at fault.

But… the first design totally breaks my commitment to using up my skincare before buying new products…

I have noticed that my skin is feels plump and happy when I use coconut and sweet almond oils in my nightly routine. I have read the back of the sunscreen bottle and I see that there is alcohol in it that could be harming my moisture barrier. I still have not settled on what kind of cleanser I would want to use, with respect to my moisture barrier, even if the correct response to this issue would be to buy a non-oil cleanser!

What’s a slightly spotty girl to do?

Hopefully I’ll come to a decision soon, but not before some more research!


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