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WOW what an acronym. The follow-up to yesterday’s post.

As my doctor frowned at the echograph results and my lack of visible appendix, I decided I was done. I asked her if I needed surgery, and she looked at me like I’d grown a second head. It’s not uncommon in France, so I re-explained that the radiologist had been talking about surgeons, and asked my doctor to clarify the situation. She told me that we would do things little by little, and the next step would be a ‘scan,’ not a surgery.

That was enough for me. She told me to call her when I got the blood work, and to have the lab fax the results to her office. I thanked her and trudged back down the stairs. Instead of going home and dropping into bed, I dragged myself to the grocery store for the most boring food I could find. With my friend in town, I hadn’t been terribly careful with the fat or fibre content of the little food I was able to eat.

At the grocery store, I picked up a carton of banana-strawberry orange juice, a loaf of brioche, some apple sauce, and a packet of sliced turkey. Simple, basic, a little excessive if you take the brioche into consideration, but I wanted it.

I went home and found my friend already back from Montmartre. I tried to tell him what had happened without getting too shrill. He was reassuring, and we sat in my living room to talk and drink juice. I made myself a turkey sandwich, and then another. It was literally the first time in days that I’d had a full meal without feeling extremely nauseous.

The next morning, around 10am, I got a text saying that my blood work was available online. Three of my levels were high; white blood cells, eosinophils, and reactive C protein. The RCP was a point of concern, as it indicated that something in my body was seriously inflamed. That felt like something we already knew from the whole “weekend of your insides trying to come outside” experience, but still.

My doctor was no longer concerned about an appendicitis, as my white blood cell count was high but not outrageously high. Still, we are watching my RCP level and I may need to do another blood test in a few days. I use an IUD, so that may result in a slightly higher RCP level, and I am overweight for my height.

After all that, I’m not upset with myself for missing a post. I’m focusing on getting better, enjoying my friend’s visit in Paris, and defending my thesis on Monday.


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