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Essence Update : A Package!

The end of what has been one of my easiest interactions with customer service.

For reference, I bought a broken eyebrow powder from essence makeup, and emailed their customer service about it. They responded by saying that they were sorry about the quality control issue, and asked for my address so that they could send me a package.

On Friday, after a grating commute home (how many crying babies on one train, lord?), I opened my mailbox to a little white package. It was postmarked from Germany, so I knew it had to be essence makeup!

I’m trying to separate my emotional state from consumption, but when I saw the package something in my brain went, “new toys!!!”

The package included a nice letter, and four essence cosmetic pieces. First, there was a replacement Make Me Brow powder in my shade. Second, there was a waterproof “Eye Brow Topcoat,” which, Google reveals, is a clear sealant to render waterproof any brow makeup I’ve already applied. Great! It’s not a product I would necessarily think to buy, or repurchase even if I enjoy it, but I will use it for beach days (or on days when torrential French rains are forecast!)

The third item was a tube of Last Princess Volume Mascara, which has an odd little pink design that looks like the back of a gown. If I like using it, and if it doesn’t irritate my eyes, then I’m set for mascara until 2018 between the MAC product I currently use, a Guerlain sample mascara, and this Lash Princess.

Finally, they included a packet of blotting papers. I had already purchased these in November, and they managed to fall behind my desk. I found them the other day while cleaning, so now I have two packets. I’ve tucked the older packet to take to work on Monday, and I’ll leave the new packet at home to take to events.

I bought these papers to replace a very old drugstore brand packet I’d received at a wedding a few years ago. The essence papers aren’t terribly effective, but there are more papers per packet than the drugstore brand, so….

From a sustainability standpoint, I read more about essence makeup and while the brand does not test on animals, there’s no information about their environmental impact. Their parent company apparently matches donations to a microcredit project run by World Vision, but it is unclear if they themselves donate, and whether or not they are assessing their environmental impact.

Apparently, the brand family, including essence, produces all of its makeup in Europe. That doesn’t necessarily mean conditions are better than factories in Asia, but it does mean that the makeup doesn’t have to travel as far from the factory to the store.

Ultimately, I’m happy with this brand interaction. I’ll use the stock of brow and lash products that I currently have, and re-evaluate the brand impact when it’s time to purchase again.


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