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Essence Update :

I’ve had a big day, with an interview, time with my aunt and uncle, and a girl’s night.

I want to get into the details later, but for the moment I am really excited to hopefully receive a little package from “essence makeup” this week!

During the “Battle of the Broken Objects” that I unwittingly engaged in last week, I emailed essence about a broken brow shadow, and I received a response. They asked me to confirm my address, saying they would send me a little package!

I am meditating on the difference between waiting and anticipating, and I am definitely anticipating the little package. I’m not a huge fan of other essence makeup, given some of its reviews, but I am delighted to see what the company puts together. If I am not able to use it, I definitely have friends who will!

I’ve yet to hear back from Bosch, so tomorrow during lunch I am planning to send a second, “Why did this year-old dryer button break in half?” email. The dryer still works, but I so dislike reaching into the machine every time I want to turn it on…. The Battle of the Broken Objects continues!


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