Life in Paris

Goals for the Week :

A quick list to keep myself accountable.

There is a lot of socialising going on this month, but my thesis is looming and the plates are spinning! My program extended our deadline by four whole days, but I still want to finish ASAP.

This week I plan to :

  1. Prep for my interview next Monday by writing and doing two practice interviews.
  2. Reach 120 observations for my thesis by Friday.
  3. Write the statistics syntax for my thesis and send it to my professor by Friday.
  4. Catch up on my data entry by tomorrow afternoon.
  5. Respond to several of the volunteering emails that piled up over the weekend by the end of business on Tuesday.
  6. Go grocery shopping. It’s silly to need to remind myself, but here we are!
  7. Call my translator by Wednesday.
  8. Call another notaire for a second quote for a PACS by Thursday.
  9. Organise my Wednesday dinner, my Friday party, and the anniversary and birthday parties both happening on Saturday.
  10. Move the plants from their watering station (aka, the top of my dryer) back to their correct places around the apartment by tomorrow evening.
  11. Update my second advisor on my progress with my thesis by Thursday.
  12. File my taxes by Wednesday!

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