April Budgeting Breakdown :

Please ignore the fact that we are halfway through May!

I was working on staying on or under-budget in April, considering that I was making a bit of money from my internship.

I added up all my spending, and while it was an abnormal month for a few reasons, the bottom line is that I definitely blew right past my budget.

Had it been a normal month, I may have stayed on track.

My monthly expenses run me €576 each month, which includes :

€350 : rent
€60 : electricity + housing insurance (40/20)
€40 : transport
€88 : health insurance
€20 : mobile service + data
€8 : aesthetic subscription
€10 : Spotify subscription

My spending, on the other hand…

I bought €101 of groceries for the house, and €121 of gifts for E, a friend in NYC, and a volunteer coordinator here in Paris.

I spent €52 on flowers for the apartment, which includes several plants, not just bouquets, and bought €9 of epilation services using my aesthetic subscriptions.

I bought my dad €15 worth of Metro tickets, and spent €32 on eating out with friends or with E.

Finally, I spent €100 on my graduate school application.

The damage?


My internship is generously paid, but that was *way* more than I should have spent. I used my American savings to pay for part of the gifts and graduate school charges, so not all of this came out of my French account. That may be why the spending got away from me, as I tend to look at my French account much more frequently than my American account.

How can I do better in May?

First, there will be no additional fees associated with my application process until I’m accepted, but hey, not in May! Furthermore, I won’t have the privilege of buying my dad any Metro tickets, as he’s back home for now.

Second, I can pump the breaks on the bouquets. I still love buying plants, but at my florist, plants are about half the price of bouquets, so I will automatically save.

I finally received two months of backlogged restaurant tickets from work, which are worth €8.97 each. I’ve already used five this month to pay for all sorts of food : groceries, going out with friends, food for friends, and lunch at work. I still have 27 left, and will receive more in two weeks. I can use these to seriously defray the cost of my food spending until they run out.

In terms of the €121 of gifts that I bought, I’m happy with everything I purchased for my friends. E’s gift for his 29th birthday in September is AMAZING, and I can’t post too much more about it here in the event that he decides to read my blog… Little sneak!

The gift for the friend in NYC is for her birthday, and I put a lot of meaning and thought into the gift. I ended up paying about €7 to ship it to her this week, but it is well worth it.

In terms of the gift for the volunteer coordinator, I *still* have no regrets, as she’s been dropping hints that she may leave the position. An unrepentant attitude is not the greatest way to get my budget in order, but here we are.

I have another budget post coming up tomorrow, but let’s just say that things are already off to a better start in May!




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