Life in Paris

Interviewing Your Dream

The dizzying want!

I’ve alluded to it, I’ve mentioned it, I’m announcing it : I got an interview for an incredible graduate program.

Yes, another.

A program I would never have dreamed of two years ago, that now is a remarkably perfect fit for my personal and professional plans. It provides both theoretical and concrete training, with internships and certifications, to set me firmly on my intended career path. It would allow me to enter my chosen field with significantly more concrete skills than I currently hold. I want it so badly my teeth hurt.

How do you interview for your dreams? How do you convince the gatekeepers that you are worthy of your self-directed destiny?

I’m clearly feeling a bit dramatic. I’m jubilant, I’m honoured, I’m scared, I’m going to make ready.

There’s a quote who’s author I can’t find, that goes something like, “When you do not get something that you want, either you did not truly want it, or you tried to bargain on the price.”

This has been rattling around in my brain since I wrote my essays for this program. What does it mean to truly want something? How do I know that this is it?

I feel my joy in my body, my hope is sitting in my stomach and a sense of sureness, of rightness, has risen high in my heart since I had the news.

How am I going to prepare for this? I am trying to think about it as a moment to display my dreams. My handcrafted hopes for the future of the field, for my participation and my role in the movement. I am proud of the progress that is being made, I’m optimistic, I’m opinionated, I’m ready to make my contribution.

After joining a private Facebook group dedicated to candidates who have received interviews, I read a few posts by other people preparing for this program. They emphasise that the profile of the candidate is especially important, and that they are very interested in our past experiences and motivations. It seems like standard interview fare, however it will also lend more personal weight to the results. If I am admitted, they liked me. If not, well…

We learn to love the parts of ourselves that no one claps for, I suppose.

For now, I am preparing a few things.

  1. My main career anchors and values. Where do I center myself in my work?
  2. My interests as they relate to the program. How will what they are able to teach me impact my career path, and how will I utilise the program?
  3. The common thread between my experiences. I have a varied profile, from emergency housing work to a neuroscience internship, I’ve been all over and back again! I have a story worked out for myself that connects the themes of my experience, and I need to practice telling the tale!

I am so excited! I am so happy! I am so lucky!

I am trying not to be too serious about this tonight, and just celebrate the moment for what it is. The hard work can begin again, tomorrow!


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