Life in Paris

A Short List of Friday Joy

I’m still feeling pretty wound up over Sunday, so here is a short list of very good things.

The white climbing roses outside our house are blooming, if not necessarily climbing.

I’ve collected 60/400 data points for my thesis in just a few days.

E and I watched Moana tonight, and it was such a pure, pure joy.

Tomorrow is hair washing day, and I’ve finally figured out the perfect cycle of hairstyles for my 5 day schedule.

I checked out, “Your Money or Your Life” to brush up on my personal finance philosophy. Drafting my April spending post has really made me think!

I discovered that lowering my voice to a theater whisper in French actually makes it easier for me to pronounce the words correctly. Things were pretty calm today at the center, and when speaking to clients, I took a quieter tone and found that my communication skills improved!

My boss is taking a well-deserved, two-week vacation, which makes me feel very relieved for his health!

I have time this weekend to prep for the Flower Moon on Wednesday!

My skin has transitioned away from my former skincare routine relatively calmly. I had a few break outs here and there, but I may have been over-using coconut oil. I found that it seriously agrees with my neck and collarbones, but still hates my jawline!

A client recommended that I read Pierre Rabhi, and I found his books in both French and English at my libraries!

I’m getting ready to transition some of our sweaters out of rotation because it is getting really warm these days!

With the exception of some mail that piled up on the daybed, we’ve kept the apartment very clean this week. All it took was a 5 minute pickup to restore the apartment to clean, shiny glory!

Be brave and strong this weekend, everyone!




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