Moments for Moderation

It’s a 3 day weekend here in France, and I’m taking advantage of it.

I went to the library to sign up for a French library card (more on that later) and ran a ton of other errands around town. The Presidential election is in 8 days, and I’m doing anything/everything to distract myself.

One of my activities today was researching home recipes for toner, sugar scrubs, and (after getting my first bite of the year) mosquito repellant.

That brought me to a lot of reading about essential oils. I’m currently using up the last of a bottle of Lush’s Eau Roma that my dad gave me for Christmas, and instead of buying a new one, it seems simple enough to make my own.


There is a lot of bad advice running around on the internet; applying essential oils directly to your skin, taking them internally, etc. Honestly, it scared me a bit – if I’m using a rosewater spray with witch hazel and lavender oil, what if I cause a reaction like sensitisation or contact dermatitis?

My take-away message from my reading on essential oils is that less is less, and that’s important. Too much of a powerful thing can have long-lasting, sometimes permanent effects. I’m trying to avoid the over-use of metaphors to my own life, but I’m beginning to realise that this is who I am as a person.

I’ve never been particularly enamoured with the virtues of moderation, but as I get older, and especially more engrained in French life, I’m learning how to take an extra moment to be measured. It tends to help when things go wrong with paperwork, but I still seem to have trouble being measured in my interior life.

Journaling helps, and this blog helps, and I know that I cannot expect myself to be emotionally fully formed. I’m young, I’m learning, and everyone goes through this process. Still, even as I try not to compare myself to others, I am often frustrated with myself and how quickly I jump to emotional conclusions in my day-to-day life. I’m trying to mentally sort this kind of emotional preparedness into the same category as French; it something I know requires practice, even when it is difficult or embarrassing.

Starting small, working not to over-do or over-react, and trying different combinations of things, from emotional coping mechanisms to essential oil concentrations, these are all on my mind as we move through the weekend and into May.


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