Life in Paris

Monday Musings

The pace of the blog is really getting away from me this week!

My father and I are going to the airport tomorrow, he’ll be going back home and I’ll be going back home. That’s an odd idea to internalise, that my parents home and my home are different. This isn’t to say, of course, that you can only have one of home, but I think our bases have definitely shifted.

There’s a kind of structural uncertainty in life, but also in living so far away from my people.’ We adopt routines and habits to give ourself a way to navigate our lives, and I find myself missing my family and friends in these routines. Take a Sunday lunch, or a Monday afternoon coffee. I have those things with E’s family and with my friends, but it is such a special treat to have my dad here with me. To know that I can have afternoon tea with one of my brothers in August. Those moments are very special to me.

I have not outlined any posts for the blog this week, and I haven’t had an abundance of time to journal. Despite my lack of time or focus to devote to this reflection project, I feel at peace. It’s resonating through my body; I’m sleeping better, my skin has cleared up. The stress of finals week and the moment of great potential change that really hit me last month seems to be melting away.

Here are some interesting developments to feature on the blog this week :

  1. My Zara jeggings have finally worn through, and while I’m still wearing them (thigh hole and all), it’s time to think seriously about ordering a replacement. I’ve written two or three posts about denim so far, but now it’s time to put my money where my mouth is.
  2. I’ll need to fill out my 2016 declaration of revenue on Friday, and yes, I’ll bore you with the details.
  3. E and I are getting a PACS, or “un pacte civil de solidarit√©” hopefully before the second round of the French elections, in the event that a Nazi takeover of France puts the kibosh on that.
  4. I’m out of my ‘organic-ish’ toothpaste, meaning a trip to the co-op and a potential blog post is in the near future! The funny thing? I actually really liked my weird little ‘tastes like clay and also poison’ toothpaste. Still, I’m searching for totally organic alternatives and we’ll see what I can turn up.
  5. I’ve started another weight loss journey, which is weird to post about here considering I make precious little mention of my body, despite how much I post about clothing. Any criticism of my corporeal form generally occurs in the context of how the latest fashions trend wildly toward smocks. Even then, I don’t mention my body very often. It’s week 2, so more on that later down the line.
  6. My worm composter is ready for pick-up! I’ll be going ASAP to fetch it from the city greenhouses.


On days like today, where I’m typing before immediately falling into bed to prepare for a 5:45am wake-up call, this daily schedule feels punishing. Still, I know that it forces me to organise my emotional life in a way that I will look back on and be grateful to have in 2018.


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