Life in Paris

Sunday Strikes

Here’s how the weekend went!

  1. Go on a run – be careful on the concrete for my poor knees! I took what amounted to a very long walk with some running on the grass in the park. I really need to get my act together when it comes to making time for swimming and yoga, because my knees just cannot take terribly high impact exercise.
  2. Wash my hair – I’m on a 5 day schedule and today is day 5. I’ve been trying to condition, wash, and then condition, in order to help my ends stay moisturised. I think one of the conditioners I’m using is primarily a protein masque, which is not what I’m looking for. Once that’s done, I may try to make a hydrating masque at home. If not, my search for organic alternatives will begin!
  3. Party at K’s apartment with E and dad. Dad stayed home, he was not feeling well, but the party was very fun and there was even a dog!
  4. Figure out how to get a library card at the French library. It’s embarrassing that it’s taken me over two and a half years to sign up for a French library card, but I have it all figured out and simply need to go in sometime this week with my justification of residence to fill out the forms.
  5. A load of laundry.
  6. Lunch with E’s parents.  I have been very touched by the welcome that E’s parents have shown my father! It is a treat to see the two dads interact in limited amounts of their shared languages!
  7. Clean off the mealybugs from the succulent, remove white goop is stuck to the orchid, and cinnamon the soil for another plant. My babies are looking beautiful! I need to water everything relatively soon, as it’s been about 10 days since the last time I went through and did it.
  8. Send treasurer-related emails. Done and done! Still waiting on a response from several people.
  9. Schedule out next week – when am I working, again? I’ve got a 4 day week coming up, with a little wiggle room on Wednesday for a final presentation in my behavioural economics II course.
  10. Check in with my budget. I’ve had my eyes closed on this one… Yikes!! I’ve clearly been enjoying myself, but part of my big spending was unavoidable. A 100 euro application fee, the electricity bill, etc. I don’t need to be spending so much at the florist, though!
  11. Write back to the literally half a dozen people who wrote me this week while again, I had my eyes closed! – Well at least I’ve written to one person….?
  12. Read a PhD proposal, get in touch with co-reviewers.
  13. Clean off the toiletry cart in the bathroom. Everything is clean and well-organised, I’m still so flush when it comes to makeup and soaps, I will be able to do a mini-moratorium on buying until at least the end of the summer.
  14. Take all the glass down the block for recycling. Throwing your bottles into an enormous bin and listening to them shatter is a very satisfying experience.
  15. Sort out when to return the dozen English language library books before Thursday. Probably a to-do for tomorrow!
  16. Mail a birthday gift to a friend in NYC. – Not yet!

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