Life in Paris

A Brief List of Weekend Business

There’s so much going on!

A list, to be amended tomorrow.

  1. Go on a run – be careful on the concrete for my poor knees!
  2. Wash my hair – I’m on a 5 day schedule and today is day 5.
  3. Party at K’s apartment with E and dad.
  4. Figure out how to get a library card at the French library.
  5. A load of laundry.
  6. Lunch with E’s parents.
  7. Clean off the mealybugs from the succulent, remove white goop is stuck to the orchid, and cinnamon the soil for another plant.
  8. Send treasurer-related emails.
  9. Schedule out next week – when am I working, again?
  10. Check in with my budget. I’ve had my eyes closed on this one…
  11. Write back to the literally half a dozen people who wrote me this week while again, I had my eyes closed!
  12. Read a PhD proposal, get in touch with co-reviewers.
  13. Clean off the toiletry cart in the bathroom.
  14. Take all the glass down the block for recycling.
  15. Sort out when to return the dozen English language library books before Thursday.
  16. Mail a birthday gift to a friend in NYC.

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