Life in Paris

D’Orsay Day!

I was going to write the usual morning post, but this one is coming to you in the afternoon because I’ve had a perfect day!

We woke up early today, and went to the D’Orsay to look at the permanent collection. Little did we realise that there is a beautiful exhibit called, “Au-delà des étoiles. Le paysage mystique de Monet à Kandinsky”

Y’all… It was amazing. I love Kandinsky, I love Monet, Van Gogh, and many of the other usual suspects. While this exhibit trended heavily towards the French impressionists, it included several Swedish, eastern European, and North American painters. There was truly an impressive showing from the Canadians!

There were two or three O’Keefes that I had never seen before, and Van Gogh’s The Olive Trees, which was particularly exciting because it’s usually at the Met.

After we circled round and round the museum, we went for lunch at a nearby cafe. I’ve just made coffee, and I’m about to clean some mysterious white fuzz off my succulent while my dad takes a nap.

This feels like a day where I am not necessarily reflecting on anything that deeply. I know I’ll need to get myself prepared to write tomorrow, and over the weekend. For now, I am enjoying the sunshine, my plants, and my family.




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