Recap : April 10×10 Challenge

We’re at the end of the 10 days!

The 10X10 Challenge was really easy. If you have a large wardrobe, then I don’t think my experience is necessarily going to be terribly helpful to you, but here’s how it went anyway.

A very brief diary of the last 10 days :

Saturday, April 8 : I wore my red shirt dress and my trench coat while bopping around the neighbourhood. I also wore this dress yesterday, but the challenge technically started today. It was warm, we went to the park to admire some new cherry blossoms, and did a lot of errands. Then, we went to a birthday party in the 17th. I technically broke the challenge by wearing a pair of black heels, but instead of starting over, I decided to switch out the heels for my loafers. So, I’m either in heels or sneakers this week!

Sunday, April 9 : Woke up late and went to a lunch at a great Brazilian place in the 20th with loads of friends. I wore my sneakers, my pleated, navy skirt, a camisole (undergarments don’t count!) and my striped turtleneck sweater. We walked over to the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont afterward and took in the sun with literally hundreds of other people.

Monday, April 10 : Due to a 56 (!!) hour delay on my dad’s flight to Paris, I went into the office today. Feeling very, very traditional today in the pleated, navy skirt, my striped sailor top, tan trench, and sneakers. My hair was even up in a French twist, so I was really feeling like an “American tries to be French” stereotype. We don’t have clients on Mondays, so nobody (apart from my officemates) witnessed it!

Tuesday, April 11: Dad is finally here! We spent the day wandering around between the Latin Quarter and the Marais. I wore my red shirt dress and my sneakers, with my trench and wool sweater.

Wednesday, April 12: We went to the Centre Pompidou, and it was gorgeous and warm and very inspiring! I wore my jeans, sneakers, the striped sailor top, and wool sweater. No need for my coat today, but I switched up my scarves to keep warm in the breeze.

Thursday, April 13: I had work today, so I wore jeans, my black blouse, my wool sweater and a couple of scarves. My trench coat was basically unnecessary, but I wore it open to feel a little more layered and put together. We went to a neighbourhood restaurant today for the first time, and it was really impressive!

Friday, April 14: Back to the shirt dress! I’ve clearly figured out that this is a favourite piece of clothing. We went to yet another neighbourhood restaurant (an old favourite) and had a really great time. I wore my heels, if only for a break from my sneakers. This dress is truly one of the most versatile things I own. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow so I doubt I’ll be able to wear it for a third day in a row.

Saturday, April 15: We took a day trip out to Reims, and I wore my jeans, my turtleneck, and trench, but I really should have taken my sweater! It was quite cold in Reims and we spent most of the day outside walking between rental agencies scouting houses and apartments for Mom and Dad. We came back early to make it to the grocery store and the florist before everything closed up for Easter Sunday.

Sunday, April 16: Happy Easter, from me and my shirt dress! This is getting absurd but who cares. Dad and I took a very long walk, and I was glad to wear my trench but I didn’t need my scarves. We had another musician and his girlfriend over for dinner and it was an amazing evening. I feel like E and I are really getting the hang of entertaining in our little place. It’s taken almost two years to adjust, but it feels good.

Monday, April 17: I had forgotten about an assignment due tomorrow (ugh!) so I had to skip Dad’s trip to the Louvre. Still, we had plans to go get drinks with my friends at 6, so I wore my jeans, sailor top, and sweater. It’s grey out, so my scarves and trench were very important. I switched up my brown leather cross-body for a little red handbag. I did decide to wear my heels,


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