Life in Paris

A Short List of Good Things

Yesterday’s post was heavy, but today I’m posting a brief list of things that have made me very, very happy this week.

  1. My dad, his visit, and his special appreciation for small things.
  2. A monthly jazz concert where the quartet played one of my favourite pieces.
  3. Making a vegetable tart with E.
  4. The very pink furniture I saw in a museum restaurant.
  5. Three new buds on my orchid plant.
  6. A breakthrough on my thesis and new direction for my work.
  7. A day trip to Reims.
  8. The bright, deceptively blue glory of the Seine on Tuesday.
  9. Milky Chance’s new album, Blossom.
  10. Correctly pronouncing the word moelleux.
  11. Planning out the summer and some very exciting adventures.
  12. A letter from a friend written on stationary covered in cartoon panda bears.
  13. An exceptional lemon tart from a new-to-me bakery.


Happy Sunday, everyone.


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