Pink Mooning

I hit the re-set button on Tuesday and spent some time appreciating my loved ones.

I really like the feeling of having a “New Years Eve” feeling in the middle of the month, although it does feel like things are moving a lot more quickly. The sense of urgency and momentum is nice, but I am wondering if having a refresh every month is really the best thing for me. Still, I’m committed until at least September, so here we are.

E leaves very early for work every day, so I had plenty of time on Tuesday to get something special organised. I did, in fact, find his birthday gift over the weekend, and on the off chance that he reads this (he hasn’t yet), I won’t post about it. Just know, it’s very good, I’m very excited, and it’s still 7 months away!

My dad and I went to breakfast at a cafe in the neighbourhood that only opened up in February. I’d seen it for the first time a few weeks ago, and thought of it when we were searching for a breakfast with more protein than one can find in a pain au chocolat.

It struck me as we were ordering food and sitting down in front of the front windows that I had only had breakfast outside of my apartment once before. Even that was just a hastily eaten croissant at the corner cafe, because I was on my way to a 9am class and looking for something with carbs to eat before I took an antibiotic!

We spent the whole day together, visiting the Picasso museum and IRCAM, popping into look at the sculpture under the Carrousel du Louvre. Dad started feeling jet-lagged in the afternoon, and once we went home he took a nap which gave me time to work!

I went down to the co-op for some more protein packed breakfast options for dad, then over to our wine shop to see about the Sancerre that E had loved. Our wine guy had never heard of the winery on the label, but he set me up with another bottle.

I was heading home when E called, saying that he’d left work and that his boss had given him a week off to spend with us while dad was in town!! I was thrilled, and feeling very lucky about all of the new free time to spend together. Then, I realised that if he was heading home, I might not be able to refold the clothes in his little t-shirt box (read about our weird little clothing situation here!) before he arrived!

Only sort-of stalling, I asked him to pick up bananas (we really did need them!) before he came back, and raced down the street with my red grocery trolley nearly flying behind me. Dad was still asleep when I came in, so I quickly put away the groceries, dumped out E’s t-shirt box, and quickly refolded all of his shorts and all of his t-shirts in the KonMari method. Even though I know he’ll muss it up in no time, but he’s said that he appreciates the look, so it’s worth it.

I barely had time to slot the last pair of shorts into place before his key turned in the lock and he was back! There was still a pile of winter sweaters on the bed when he came into the bedroom. It turns out we were both surprising each other for the Pink Moon, because in his hands were two paper cornets from our florist! One beautiful, pink, still tightly-wrapped peony, and two monstera deliciosa leaves!

We all made dinner together that night, and even though dad fell asleep, E and I went out to look at the full moon once it rose beyond the neighbouring buildings. It was a very good way to spend the day, and I’m so looking forward to what this month will bring.


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