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April 10×10 Challenge

Is it a challenge if you already live like this?

The 10×10 Challenge was formalised by Lee on her blog Style Bee in 2015. The idea is that you pick 10 pieces and wear them for 10 days. I’ve read about her past challenges and those of other bloggers relatively frequently. In the process of trying to weed out comparison from my life and move it into active self-work or self-improvement, I’m doing the challenge myself instead of just reading about it.

It had occurred to me during the summer of 2015 that I had been edging slowly toward a capsule wardrobe. That winter, or more precisely, during my winter finals, I made myself a two week wardrobe. It was just something to get me through two rough two weeks without taxing any decision-making powers. Still, it was never something permanent or necessarily strenuous for my style.

A very limited wardrobe is basically a necessity in Paris, at least for those of us without palatial apartments. We installed a rod in the closet that is maybe 3 feet wide, and it holds all of our coats, dresses, suits, shirts, and skirts that require hanging. Then, we each have one box from Ikea that is about 12x12x13, in which we keep t-shirts or other items that don’t need to be hung.

So that is genuinely not a lot of obvious space. Granted, we have a separate box for socks, another for E’s pants, one for our workout gear, and one for miscellaneous accessories. My undergarments and pyjamas live in a little set of bedside drawers, and then we have one large under-bed storage where I put the winter clothes. Then, there is storage above the closet where I keep extra sheets, towels, bathrobes, the occasional sweatshirt, and then our respective bags and backpacks.

We do, I suppose, have quite a bit of storage, but by and large, the only easily accessible bits (read: the ones that don’t require the use of a stepladder!) are whatever hangs in the closet or lives in the separate boxes and bedside drawers.

Enough about my storage situation, what’s in my 10×10 Challenge?

Only tops, sweaters, pants, dresses, shoes, and coats are counted in the challenge, so I can presumably change out my scarves, bags, and jewellery, etc. if desired. I put this together over the weekend, and officially started on April 8th.  Here are how my selections break down, along with when I bought each piece.

Tops : (1) my Petit Bateau striped Breton top (January, 2015), (2) my black, sleeveless shell from Loft (Late 2013…?), (3) my striped turtleneck from Mango (January, 2015)

Sweaters : (4) my navy wool sweater from Claudie Pierlot (January, 2016).

Bottoms : (5) a navy pleated skirt (thrifted in December? 2015), (6) my high waisted ‘jeggings’ from Zara (December, 2016).

Dresses : (7) my red eyelet shirt-dress (July, 2016).

Shoes : (8) my black Trotters (October, 2013) and (9) white Stan Smiths (May, 2015).

Coats : (10) my tan, Comptoir des Cotonniers trench coat (January, 2016).

The weather coming up is a little crazy, so I’m worried that I will want to trade out my jeggings (what a terrible word!) for another dress, but we’ll see how it goes!



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